Safety during construction


The contractor should ensure that suitable and sufficient tunnelling equipment for the type of work to be done, is provided and is operated and maintained in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions.

The contractor should reduce risk to workers underground through elimination or control of hazardous materials and processes. Only where such risks cannot be reduced to acceptable levels should personal protective clothing and equipment be provided in accordance with local statutory requirements or with the recommendations of these guidelines.

The contractor should provide appropriate safety signs in accordance with ISO 3864:2002.

The contractor should provide adequate training facilities and courses relevant to the construction methods to be used.

The contractor should provide adequate fire fighting equipment.

The contractor should provide trained first-aid personnel and equipment along with first aid stations as necessary.

The contractor should provide adequate welfare facilities including washing and toilet facilities along with a supply of drinking water.

The contractor should provide adequate atmospheric monitoring and ventilation to ensure a safe and healthy environment.

The contractor should provide adequate artificial lighting to ensure a safe environment.