Laerdal Tunnel in Norway

Interurban road tunnels have been built for centuries to enable vehicles crossing mountains and topographical accidents.

In the Alps, one of the first tunnels built was the "Traversette", a tunnel only 74 meters long, which allowed in the end on the 15th century transporting salt between Dauphiné and Piedmont.

In modern history, many road interurban road tunnels have been built to cross mountains all over the world, particularly in mountainous regions of Europe (Alps or the Pyrenees), USA and Japan.

In recent years, many road tunnels have been built in Norway to cross fjords and ease traffic especially during winter, leading to some of the longest and deepest road tunnels in the world.

One of these tunnels is the Laerdal tunnel, which is to this date the longest road tunnel in the world. Another one, also located in Norway, is the Eiksund tunnel, which is 7.8 km-long and dives to -287 m beneath the surface of the fjord, being the deepest road tunnel in the planet.

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